As a military family you’ve probably wondered if constant moves, new schools, new communities to live in and leaving friends behind has any negative effects on military kids.  I know I’ve often wondered what my kids are thinking, how they are feeling and if being part of the military is doing more harm than good.

Well, as military families go, you’ve probably already noticed that each time you move to a new duty station you catch up with old friends and pick up where you left off.  We are now a retired military family and recently, our very best friends, who are still active duty, moved to Virginia from Hawaii.  Our girls were born three days apart from one another and spent the first three years of their lives together. We left the island when they were three years old.  Our girls have reconnected and it’s such a joy to watch them talk about all things tweens talk about, to include their future ambitions.

I recently overheard a conversation between the two girls that made me smile and chuckle.  As they described their future ambitions one of the girls said that she would like to have a farm with lots of horses, but the only problem is that she also wants to marry a Marine like her dad.  The other child asked if there was a problem with that, to which the little girl said “Well, if I marry a Marine, I won’t be able to have a horse farm because we would move all the time and I wouldn’t be able to bring my horses with me”.  The other tween, in her infinite wisdom at twelve said “Well, you can just marry a retired Marine…except he may be old, like my dad”.  In other words, you can still marry a Marine and you won’t have to move.

As I thought about this conversation I couldn’t help but smile at the admiration these tweens had for their dads as Marines.  At that time, I realized that it doesn’t always matter that they’ve moved around, changed schools, or experienced all the other challenges that come with the military lifestyle.  What matters is that they’ve had positive role models growing up.

So as we celebrate the Month of the Military Child let’s remember just how resilient our children are and how proud they are to be part of the Marine Corps community!


About the Author

Sam Morales has been a military spouse for seventeen years and part of the military community for twenty years. She currently serves as the Program Manager of Marine Corps Family Team Building at Headquarters, Marine Corps.