In February 2020, the Marine Corps updated its policy increasing the allowable amount for reimbursement of licensure expenses resulting from a permanent change of station (PCS) move, from $500 to $1,000. Professional licensing expenses can be a financial burden to military families with each PCS move. As of 2 June 2022, the USMC reimbursed 321 Marine families $125,555 since its inception.

What do you need to know?

  • Reimbursements are for licensing costs incurred by spouses PCSing to another state.
  • Marines may be reimbursed up to $500 for PCS orders effective 12 December 2017 to 19 December 2019 or up to $1,000 for orders effective 20 December 2019 or later.
  • Reimbursements will continue for orders effective through 31 December 2024.
  • This is a one-time reimbursement for each PCS move.
  • Licensure renewal must be for the same profession a spouse engaged in while at a previous duty station.


What is a qualifying expense?

When moving to a new state, spouses accompanying their Marine may need to update a license or certification according to the new state’s requirements. This provision will help alleviate the financial load of recertification or licensing. Marines and their spouses may take advantage of this program with each qualifying move. Qualifying costs for this program must be:

  • Imposed by the Marine’s new duty station state for a spouse to secure a license or certification to continue working in the same profession from the state of the previous duty station.
  • Incurred or paid by the member or spouse to secure the license or certification from the state of the new duty station after the date PCS orders are issued.


How does it work?

Spouses who wish to take advantage of this provision may begin the process by bringing the following documentation to their local on-base Personnel Administration Office:

  • A copy of PCS orders
  • A copy of previous certification/license
  • A copy of the new recertification/relicensing document
  • Receipt showing recertification/relicensing fees


Additional details of the reimbursement policy can be found in MARADMIN 091/20 and by contacting your local Family Member Employment Assistance Program (FMEAP) office. For guidance on state laws regarding professional licensing, visit