The U.S. All-Marine Running Team just completed the 2019 Warriors Across the Sea Half Marathon Championship on Sunday, June, 23, 2019. The British Royal Navy and Marine Commando Running Team faced off against our Marine team in Torbay, England last week for the event, part of the British forces’ Queens Challenge Cup. The U.S. All-Marine runners won the race and now hold a three-in-a-row Challenge Cup winning streak.


The team’s Officer in Charge, Captain Brian Soscia, HQMC Semper Fit and Recreation Sports and Fitness Operations Officer, stated "I am very proud of our All-Marine Running Team and how they have continued to be victorious for the past three challenges with our British allies. We train to win in any clime or place, and I am proud to have served the team for the last three years." 

The U.S. Marine and British Royal Navy and Marine Running Teams compete biannually in racing competitions, promoting cohesion and camaraderie within our alliance. The U.S. Marines will host the British Royal running team in October 2019 for the annual Marine Corps Marathon in the National Capital Region.

Rah Team Marines!