MCCS set out to develop an enterprise website that took the web experiences of twenty-one different sites and combined them under one cloud-based environment. Creating a common user experience, the merger of twenty-one very different websites which represent Marine Corps Installations around the world, provides a better customer experience no matter where the Marine Corps sends you.

MCCS is excited to launch a new website for Marines and their families that will deliver a consistent user experience from installation to installation, creating a seamless standardized layout. From the updated icons to the page design, the new website is sure to offer you and your family an easy transition to all your favorite MCCS programs. Wherever the Marine Corps takes you and your family, the MCCS website will become your favorite resource for diving into your new community.

With PCS season in full swing and the summer months ahead, the newly redesigned website offers quick and easy access to your bases programs, activities, and events, providing you with all the information you need to get involved. The website also offers a comprehensive Stay Informed section with USMC stories and updates. Another new feature includes viewing your installations events calendar, with a direct link to register for events. All event details will be listed for you, including the specific location provided on a Google map.

“The Google maps feature has been extremely helpful for our marines and visitors since our installation is spread over several city blocks,” noted a representative from 8th and I, Marine Barracks Washington, D.C. Adding, “the new website is efficiently organized, making it easier for marines, spouses, and their families to find upcoming programs and events to attend.”

Over the next several weeks, each installation will complete its migration to the new site.

Congratulations to the below installations whose sites have completed the migration:

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