Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Victim Advocates (VA) are at the forefront of the Marine Corps effort to prevent sexual assault and to support anyone affected by it. Currently, there are more than 1,200 Marines and civilians who stand ready to assist 24/7/365. SAPR VAs are invaluable to the people they support, the Sexual Assault Response Coordinators (SARC), the SAPR program, and the Marine Corps as a whole. Their dedication to the SAPR program helps to create an environment where sexual assault is not tolerated, condoned, or ignored.

Headquarters Marine Corps is pleased to announce the fourth annual Exceptional SAPR VA of the Year Award. This award will recognize SAPR VAs whose achievements are exceptional and demonstrate outstanding support to individuals who were sexually assaulted and to the management of the SAPR program above and beyond the regular duties of a SAPR VA. 

SAPR VA nominations should address the extent to which the nominee’s efforts:

  • Helped people who were sexually assaulted (ex. direct victim care, maintaining an environment where people feel safe to report, exceptional efforts to be accessible),
  • Improve the SAPR program (ex. prevention or awareness events, activities, and training, marketing materials, innovative changes to the program),
  • Enhanced the Marine Corps’ mission, and
  • Demonstrated exceptional leadership as a SAPR VA.

For more information about eligibility requirements and nomination guidelines, check out MARADMIN 05/22. If you believe a particular SAPR VA deserves to be the 2021 Exceptional SAPR VA of the Year, please contact your local SARC. Nominations are due to HQMC SAPR by Friday, 25 February 2022.  Email submissions and questions to the POC provided in the MARADMIN.