The new school year is in full swing. Students are now used to waking up early, doing homework, and rushing to extracurricular activities. Now is the time to assess how things are going and decide if things are going well or if some adjustments need to be made.

Think about these four areas and discuss them with your child. Talk about how things are going and what needs to change in order to have a successful school year.

  1. Schedule and Routine: Take a look at what time your child goes to sleep and what time they are expected to wake up. Are they rushing in the morning to get out the door? Consider what tasks can be accomplished the night before so that there is more time in the morning.
  2. Academic Progress: How well is your child doing in school? Are there some concepts that your child is still not understanding despite putting in plenty of time and effort into their homework? Rest assured, there are other students feeling the same way. Connect with other students in your child’s class to start a study group or have your child reach out for academic support through your school.
  3. Appropriate Attire: By now, your child realizes nuances of the school, such as the lunchroom always feeling cold while the classrooms are excessively hot. Use this knowledge when planning what your child will wear and bring to school.
  4. Accountability: “Oops! I forgot it again.” If that is a common phrase for your child, it is time to get organized. Knowing when assignments are due, what time practices start, and what equipment is needed for games is important for school life. Make checklists when needed to keep your child on track. Set an alarm on your phone with what’s due so your child can stay on track.

Reflecting on your child’s school day and being aware of their academic progress will help navigate the new challenges of the school year. Reach out to your local School Liaison with questions regarding post-secondary preparation, scholarships, transitions, and more.