When you first hear the word spirituality, you probably think of the practice of a philosophy, religion, or way of living. However, it can refer generally to that which gives meaning and purpose in life


Spiritual fitness requires you to assess how you are living up to your own standards and if you are finding fulfillment. For Service members, it also extends to commitment to service and sacrifice, relationships with family, comrades, unit, community, the nation, and society as a whole.


Take time to build your spiritual fitness and develop the personal character needed to sustain you in times of stress, hardship, and tragedy. Components of spiritual fitness can include:

·       Self-awareness, reflection, and meditation

·       Core beliefs: purpose and meaning

·       Relationships beyond self

·       Spiritual beliefs, values, practices, and experiences

Keep the Marine Corps’ core values of honor, courage, and commitment in mind. Upholding those values will help you make choices that build character and resilience. When you map out your personal meaning and values, it motivates you to pursue goals and strengthens you to endure challenges.

Measure your spiritual fitness by considering these questions:

·       Do you believe life has meaning and purpose?

·       Do you remain hopeful about life and the future?

·       Do you make sound moral decisions guided by core values and beliefs?

·       Do you connect with family, friends, and the community?

·       Do you forgive yourself and others when needed?

·       Do you respect yourself and others?

To further assess your spiritual fitness, visit https://www.fitness.marines.mil/Resilience

If you need help building your spiritual fitness, reach out to a chaplain, a faith organization, a Community Counseling Center counselor, a Military and Family Life Counselor, or the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. Semper Fit offers group yoga classes.