If you are an Active Duty service member transitioning out of the military, a mentorship might be the best way to seek advice on developing the right career after serving in our nation’s military,

Here are ten facts about American Corporate Partners (ACP), the Veteran Mentoring Program, that transitioning Marines should know:

  1. ACP is a nation-wide, non-profit organization that offers free, one-on-one, year-long mentorships to transitioning service members and veterans. Over 4,000 veterans, active duty, reserve, National Guard, and active duty spouses are currently enrolled in the program getting advice, preparing for interviews, refining resumes, networking and preparing for future employers.
  2. ACP has mentors from more than 100 partnering  companies.
    When you sign up for ACP’s mentorship program, your mentor will be a volunteer from one of ACP’s partner companies including Coca-Cola, General Motors, Home Depot, Amazon, and IBM.
  3. Long distance mentorships are plentiful.
    ACP works with thousands of veterans, and approximately 80 percent of their mentorships are long distance..
  4. Mentors are selected thoughtfully and personally.
    After an orientation call with the veteran, ACP hand-selects a mentor from their pool based on similar career interests and professional experience. Each pair also has a designated staff member who checks in regularly throughout the year to provide support and resources.
  5. Any service member or veteran who served after 9/11 is eligible for an ACP mentorship.
    ACP is available to any post 9/11 veteran who has served a minimum of 180 days on active duty (includes basic training/schooling). This also includes reservists and National Guard members.
  6. ACP has services for others too.
    For those who do not have post 9/11 service or aren’t ready to take on a year long mentorship, ACP offers AdvisorNet, a free networking platform for veterans to reach out to professionals nationwide for advice.
  7. ACP is open to active duty spouses, too.
    Active Duty spouses are eligible to apply and get matched with a mentor as well.  ACP knows that military spouses face their own unique career challenges to include multiple moves, overseas duty stations, gaps in work history, and transferring certifications. ACP has mentors ready to focus on them and their career. Even if the service member is transitioning out, as long as the spouse applies while they are still active duty, they are welcome to sign up.
  8. Each mentorship is customized to fit your specific goals.
    ACP works with veterans who are job searching, adjusting to a new role, considering obtaining a degree or are current students, and even veterans interested in starting/growing their own business. ACP has Mentors who can help in all facets of career development.
  9. More than 97 percent of ACP participants would recommend the program to another veteran.
    More than 20,000 people have completed the program since ACP was founded in 2008, and 1,967 protégés obtained employment during their mentorship in 2020 alone.
  10. ACP recommends signing up for a mentor during your transition.
    ACP welcomes applicants at any point in their transition or post-transition, but it is recommended that service members sign up 12-18 months prior to retirement or separation from active duty service.

Are you ready to connect with ACP? Set yourself up for success in your next career by signing up with ACP today, or contact your local Transition Readiness team.