If you’re asking yourself, “Why are Family Care Plans important? Do I really need one?” you’re asking the right questions. The answer is simple; a completed Family Care Plan (FCP) is a big step toward ensuring the well-being of your family when you are unable. All married and single Marines with dependents must complete an FCP.

Your FCP establishes a contingency plan should you need it by providing alternate caregivers with important details pertaining to child care, school, medical care, daily routines, caregiving arrangements, and more to assist in the proper care of dependents. The FCP helps you plan for short-term care for your dependents. Do you have a trusted neighbor who can help? What if you are going to be unavailable for a longer period of time? Marine Corps Family Team Building (MCFTB) FCP training is designed to provide you with an understanding of the FCP and information on how to develop one for your family.

If you are a Marine, married, or single with dependents, check with your local MCFTB for the next training available. Remember, when everything is taken care of at home, Marines can concentrate on the mission and be ready.

For more information on Family Care Plans, read MCO 1740.13C.

Important FPC documents: