Volunteering is an excellent way to learn new skills or refresh skills that have not been utilized in an extended period. Have you always wanted to try your hand at customer service? Volunteer for a Marine Corps program and learn from the best when it comes to customer service. What about refreshing those skills learned in class years ago, like accounting? As an example, The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society could use your assistance as a volunteer. The opportunities to try new things and rebuild skills are limitless.

Volunteers have the amazing benefit of helping others while developing valuable skills within themselves. Skills development is something that volunteers can choose to utilize for future career aspirations or continue to use to enhance their volunteer experience. Either way, it is a real victory for the volunteer and the programs receiving volunteer assistance.

The potential that is inside you is just waiting to be unwrapped. If you’re not sure where to start, reach out to your installation Volunteer Coordinator. They can help you with potential volunteer opportunities and placement. Six months from now you’ll appreciate that you made that call to VOLUNTEER!

Connect with your local installation Volunteer Coordinator for opportunities. To learn more about how volunteering can assist in advancing your career objectives, talk to your Marine for Life, Family Member Employment Assistance, or Transition Readiness program offices.