Keep hearing about “credentials,” but not sure what they are or why they are important to you?

You want your doctor to have gone to medical school and hold a license to practice medicine, right? And you want your child’s teacher to know the information to impart on your child and also understand how to teach children your child’s age.  And you want to be confident that when you get a haircut, or a tattoo, or a have dinner out that the people providing you these services know what they are doing.

This is where credentials come in. Simply put, credentials are college degrees, apprenticeships, certifications or licenses that give you credibility in your work field. They show your employer and your customers that you have the knowledge and skills to perform your professional function. Credentials can help make it easier for a potential employer to envision you doing a specific job.

If there’s a job, there is almost always a credential for it. As a Marine Spouse, obtaining credentials in your current or desired field of work can demonstrate that you are both qualified and a strong candidate for a particular job. There are some jobs where you must have all of the appropriate credentials—including education, certifications, and local licenses—to work, while there are others where some are necessary and others are simply “nice to have” and give you a leg up on your competition. 

Still searching for more in-depth assistance regarding credentialing?  Contact your installation’s Voluntary Education, Family Member Employment Assistance and Transition Readiness staff.