• WebTA applications must be command approved, receive and approved/funded prior to the term start date.
  • TA cannot be used to pay for fees and non-tuition costs including books, e-books, CD-ROMs, etc., per DoD Instruction 1322.25, March 15 2011 Change 3 Enclosure 3, 1.b. para(s) d-e. Services are not allowed to reimburse Marines for the cost of fees or books using TA funds. Non-tuition costs and fees should not be listed on the application and remain the responsibility of the student.
  • TA cannot be used to pay for flight training.
  • TA cannot be used by those in a duty-under-instruction status or in an officer accession program involving full time instruction at a civilian institution.
  • TA will only be approved for courses scheduled for one academic term at a time.
  • TA will not be authorized for the same course previously funded by TA.
  • TA will not fund Marines with less than 24 months of active duty and Reserve Marines with less than 24 months of service.
  • Reimbursement of TA funds is required for:
    •  All failing (D or lower) grades for undergraduate courses
    • (C) or lower for graduate courses
    • Incomplete (I) grades in effect longer than six months,
    • Voluntary withdrawal (W) grades

Reimbursement by money order or cashier’s check payable to U.S. TREASURER must be mailed to NETPDTC N814. For more detail about reimbursement, check out Reimbursing the Marine Corps for TA Funding.

Please read MARADMIN 687/14 for the most up to date eligibility requirements.

Still searching for more in-depth assistance with Tuition Assistance?  Check out other Marine Corps articles about TA or contact your installation’s Voluntary Education staff.