Imagine a job where you get paid to wear gym clothes and hang out in a gym all day; welcome to strength and conditioning.

What is a Strength and Conditioning Coach?

A strength and conditioning coach (S&C) for the Marine Corps is a physical performance professional who uses exercise prescription to enhance performance, decrease injury potential, and educate to create a holistic health lifestyle.

Decrease Injury Potential
The most important aspect of physical training (PT) is to decrease a Marines chances of getting injured. The best ability is availability.

Enhance Athletic Performance Specific to Combat and Job related Duties 
Whether daily PT sessions held at a HITT facility or Unit Specific PT in the field, S&C coaches use fitness to enhance a Marines capabilities in combat and their job specific duties.

Create a Holistic Health Lifestyle
Fitness in its truest form isn’t just about getting fit and strong. It is a lifestyle change. To truly enhance performance and decrease injury potential, a Marine must make the connection, there are 24 hours in a day, and only 1-2 of them are spent doing PT. What you do in the other 22 hours will dramatically impact the two spent doing PT.

S&C coaches provide Marines with education through the Small Unit Leaders Course, knee cap to knee cap education, and education clinics. The Small Unit Leaders course is a five day education seminar designed to teach Marines how to run PT for their Unit. Marines will have access to a pre-designed library of PT cards available online that will be selected an implemented daily for PT.

What is required to be a Strength and Conditioning Coach?

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in a health and science-related field.
  • Professional Certification through:
  • NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association)
  • CSCCa (Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association)
  • USAW Level 1 or higher (United States Weightlifting Association)
  • ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine).

Important aspects of a Strength and Conditioning Coach

High Energy
S&C coaches foster an environment to enhance physical and mental performance. S&C coaches need to bring high energy to every PT session and demand attention to details.

Produce Results
Marines come to S&C coaches to get results. They are the subject matter experts. Marines are putting their fitness in their coach’s hands. In the tactical setting a Marines fitness equates to their life, the more fit they are the better chance they have of surviving and thriving in combat. S&C coaches HAVE to produce results. Whenever a Marines come to us for PT, we need to enhance their fitness.

Be Adaptable
The difference between good and great coaches is their ability to adapt on the fly. Coaches will never know who will walk into their doors. Each Marine has varying levels of fitness, athleticism, injuries, personality, and many different factors. The  S&C coach’s job to consider all factors when running PT sessions to educate Marines

  • It is the S&C coach’s job to take all factors into consideration when running PT sessions to educate Marines.
  • Become a lifelong Leaner
    All S&C coaches must invest in their education. The fitness landscape is always changing. S&C coaches have to be mindful of the cutting edge while keeping themselves grounded on the fundamentals. Coaches must integrate new ideas into their foundational understanding of training. 

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