Today’s youth face many challenges, and being a military kid adds even more to the list. Having a strong network that includes peers can help individuals of all ages face and overcome potential challenges.

Youth sponsorship eases transitions for military children through outreach, newcomer orientations, and peer-to-peer connections. Peer-to-peer connections can help youth meet new people, learn more about the local area and schools, encourage them to join clubs and activities, and integrate within the new community. Getting your kids involved in their new community can happen in a few ways including attending “Welcome Aboard” briefs, camps through schools or Child and Youth Centers, Marine & Family Program events, youth sports, ambassador clubs, extracurricular activities, installation events, and so much more.

While moving within the military can be hard, kids can also have a difficult time when their Marine transitions out of the military. Schools, community organizations, and installation programs offer many opportunities for transitioning military youth that will help them acclimate more easily into their new environment. Whatever that transition may be, ease their transition by reaching out to the School Liaison or Child and Youth Programs for information on how you can help your child.