Single Marine Program

The Single Marine Program (SMP) serves as the voice for single Marines in identifying concerns, developing initiatives, and providing recommendations through advocacy, recreational activities, special events and community involvement. The SMP is comprised of single Marines who represent their Unit and want to make a difference within their unit and on their installation.  Lead by young leaders, the SMP functions to support single Marines’ leisure interests and Quality of Life (QOL) concerns.  A single Marine’s QOL concerns include, but are not limited to, activities and issues that directly or indirectly influence personal readiness, morale, living environment, and personal growth and development. SMP is offered aboard 21 Marine Corps installations and throughout Marine Forces Reserve.

2020 marks the 25th anniversary of the SMP! Watch the Marine Minute below for a special message from the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps to commemorate this milestone. 




  • The Single Marine Program offers facilities that may include recreation centers, internet cafes, game rooms, and multi-purpose rooms.
  • Allows for participation in a wide variety of social, competitive, and educational activities that may include the great outdoors such as paintball, deep sea fishing trips, river rafting, and mountain biking and hiking.  In addition, excursions to Washington, DC, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and New York City are just a few of incredible opportunities SMP offers.
  • Helps mold the public perception of our military through continuous volunteerism in the community by participating in Habitat for Humanity, Toys for Tots, Adopt a School, beach cleanups, or Veterans Homes visits.
  • Contributes to the improvement of total force readiness, job performance, and retention by supporting the enhancement of QOL for all single Marines, including unaccompanied Marines. This may include activities that enhance physical fitness; provide opportunities for social interaction, life-skills development, and cultural awareness.
  • Helps improve issues that directly influence living on base such as those having to do with parking, chow hall, MCX, and anything else which directly influences the QOL for single Marines.
  • The Single Marine Program social, recreation and fitness programs within MCCS deployment support provide for participation in leisure activities when forward deployed away from the home installation in austere environments.

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For more information regarding specific installation activities, contact your local Single Marine Program Coordinator.  Coordinators are typically housed in Recreation Centers.

Single Marine Program Coordinators serve as the liaison between the SMP Council and its members, command leadership, and installation quality of life programs and services.

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Single Marine Program
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