Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor recreation programs provide authorized patrons with outdoor recreational opportunities and instructional classes to support independent skills and provide a safe, healthy, fun environment for Marines and their families.



  • Outdoor recreation may include: archery, boating, cycling, camping, fishing, hiking, water and snow skiing, and other activities that assist Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) in promoting fitness, and a healthy quality of life (QOL) for Marines and their family members.
  • Outdoor recreational activities also include swimming, parks, trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, recreational shooting, sports, beaches, lakes, and competitive events.
  • The outdoor recreation equipment checkout & rental program rents a variety of equipment on a daily or weekly basis. Available items include but are not limited to bicycles, boats, winter and recreational sports equipment, camping equipment, party and catering equipment, and barbecue grills and lawn/garden equipment. This service is available to Marines, family members, retirees and DoD civilians.
  • Instructional classes, skill development, safety classes, excursions and other activities are available through the Marine Corps Recreation Programs.

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Outdoor recreational programs are marketed through Marine Corps Installations websites which provide information on classes, special events, hours of operation and other pertinent information.

Outdoor Recreation Equipment Checkout & Rental facilities are located on most Marine Corps Installations.

Quantico(Change Location)

Quantico Outdoor Gear Issue

27175T Telegraph Road (MCB 1)
Located with the game Check Station by the Ponderosa Gate


MCCS Quantico Outdoor Recreation Website


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