See Something, Do Something


Marine Corps Family,

Protecting the legacy and maintaining the honor of the Marine Corps is a family business, and everyone plays a role. Don't stand by and let the stories about our heroes be erased. Look around you and see who might be struggling, and ask them – how can I help? If you see something, do something about it to keep our Marine Corps family safe and ready for the next fight.

No matter if you're single or married; husband or wife; parent or sibling - we all need to own it. Get in step and text OWNIT to 555-888 and be part of the solution in protecting what you and the Marine Corps has earned.

Sergeant Major Ronald L. Green
Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps

See Something, Do Something. Text OWNIT to 555-888 for more info.

What's the Tough Conversation You Need to Have?

Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Welcome Message

What Would You Do - Caregiving

SMMC - Tough Conversations

Tough Conversations - Consent

Tough Conversations - Suicide Ideation

Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Closing Message


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What Would You Do - Drinking

Relationship Communications

What Would You Do - Bullying

What Would You Do - Dignity

What Would You Do - Family Care

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