Like any large event, you need a team, a solid plan, and enough time and resources to carry out that plan.

Convene a reunion planning leadership team

Consider what you want to do

  • How formal or informal?
  • What is the primary purpose of the event?
  • What are the desired components of your event? (A memorial ceremony? A guest speaker? A round of golf? A meal? Time set aside for visiting?)
  • Who are the target attendees? The Marines only, the Marines and their spouses, or the Marines and their families?
  • Where would you like the reunion to take place?
  • When would you like the reunion to take place?
  • How do you want to communicate with your target population?
  • What kind of swag or other takeaways do you think you want to use?

Consider your timeframe

  • Are you at least 9-14 months before you want your reunion to occur?
  • Do you have the time to commit to planning a reunion?

Conduct some recon and check out AARs from recent reunions.