What is a supporting agent? Why might I want to reach out to potential supporting agents for my reunion?

A supporting agent is a private organization that you as an individual might engage for reunion planning assistance. A supporting agent might be able to assist you with communication, with planning, with registration, with specific events at the reunion, or perhaps with initial funding.

While the Marine Corps cannot use government funds to support reunions, private organizations have supported previous reunion efforts. To research and locate potential supporting agents, please use the VA’s Directory of Veterans Service Organizations or the National Resource Directory to locate private organizations that may be contacted for support. Recognize that your reunion is a private organized event and not an official Marine Corps event. Check out the AARs provided by planners of recent reunion efforts to learn more about how those planners engaged supporting agents.

Blue Star Families

Supported 3/5 Reunion in 2016.

Honor Flight Network

Supported 1/2 Reunion in 2016.

Hope For The Warriors

Supported 1/2 Reunion in 2016.

Semper Fi Fund

Supported 1/2 Reunion in 2016.

Supported 2/7 Reunion in 2016.

Supported 1/25 Reunion in 2016.