Recreation Centers

Recreation Centers provide healthy alternatives for the positive use of leisure time for Active Duty personnel.  Activities provided in Recreation Centers enhance community connectedness; provide opportunities for social interaction, life-skills development, and cultural awareness.  Recreation Centers are considered your “home away from home” with programming that focuses primarily on single Marines.



  • Recreation Centers offer comprehensive recreational programs with both directed and self-directed individual and group activities specifically targeted to the military community as a whole, but with special emphasis on military personnel.
  • Programs and services provide a wide variety of activities, which may include game rooms, multi-purpose rooms and classrooms which are suitable for hosting organizational meetings such as Single Marine Program, or special events/activities for service members.
  • Recreation Centers offer trips, information and referral, recreational activities and entertainment.
  • Recreation Centers provide free Wi-Fi access in the internet cafes, televisions, gaming areas and mini-theaters, and more.
  • Recreation Centers are identified as the “Home Of The SMP”.

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Recreation Center activities and programs are marketed through Marine Corps Installations websites announcing classes, special events, hours of operation and other pertinent information.

Recreation Centers are located on all 18 Marine Corps installations.

Quantico(Change Location)

Recreation Center Program
Bldg. 206


10:30 am-9 pm


10:30 am-10 pm


11 am-10 am


12-8 pm

(703) 432-0363
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