The Volunteer Program provides volunteer opportunities to active duty personnel, their family members, retirees, veterans and civilians to connect the installation and community volunteer resources. Across the globe Marines, Sailors and their families are giving back to the Marine Corps community.  Marines are supporting other Marines while families are supporting other families and countless volunteers are serving in the local communities representing the Marine Corps core values.



  • Empower individuals to volunteer their time and talents.
  • Support the pillars of resiliency through impact volunteering opportunities.
  • Enhance lives and the lives of those that benefit from strong Marines, strong families and a strong Marine Corps.
  • Increase volunteerism for Marines and their families on and off the installation to empower individuals to volunteer their time and talents with the Marine Corps community.

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Marine Corps Family Team Building offers training in recruiting new volunteers to serve, retaining current volunteers, best practice for volunteer appreciation and recognition, and in offering professional development to volunteers to improve their skillsets in the areas of public speaking, administrative skills, organization, relationship building, and resource and referral.

Quantico(Change Location)

Volunteer Program
126 Neville Rd  
Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 4pm  
(703) 784-2687  
MCCS Quantico website


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