Postal Affairs

As an extension of the United States Postal Service (USPS), Postal Affairs provides Marines, their family members, and other authorized users mail services around the world. We provide the same level of service, and many similar services our customers come to expect from their local post office.  Overseas postal services are based on the country in which located and the type of military operation involved.



  • We provide our customers with the mail address listing of all Marine Corps Commands.
  • Trained personnel ready to assist our service members, their family members, and our civilian Marines with regards to overseas Army/Air Force Post Office (APO), Fleet Post Office (FPO), and Diplomatic Post Office (DPO), as well as international mailing standard
  • Information on how to submit a USPS claim for damage or loss.
  • Information on how to submit an online change of address card upon Permanent Change of Station Orders.
  • Assist Unit Mail Clerks with re-addressing mail by providing access to the Marine Automated Postal System which offers the Postal Affairs Locator System.

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Marine Corps Postal Clerks serving at 31 post offices on Marine Corps Bases/Stations are ready to assist customers with packaging pointers, cost saving tips, customs information and APO/FPO/DPO restrictions.  To find out more contact the nearest bases/station Military Post Office.

Quantico(Change Location)

HQ Postal Affairs Phone: 703-432-8633

MCB Quantico Post Office Phone: 703-784-2100


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