Credentialing Opportunities OnLine

Marine Corps Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) is a credentialing awareness, information and resources capability for all Marines.  In addition to general information on credentialing and licenses, Marine Corps COOL also provides extensive associated linkages covering the gamut of education, transition, recruiting, career and veteran’s resources.



  • Provides background information on civilian licensure and certification in general and specific information on individual credentials including eligibility requirements and resources to prepare for a credentialing exam.
  • Identifies license and certifications relevant to Marine Corps Military Occupational Specialists (MOS).
  • Explains how to fill gaps between Marine Corps training and experience and civilian credentialing requirements.
  • Provides links to resources available to Marines that can help them gain civilian job credentials.
  • Education, Career and Transition Advisors can find information on education, personal and professional development, and career requirements and opportunities.
  • Marine Corps Recruiters can use COOL to show potential recruits the opportunities for professional growth and civilian career preparation available through service in the Marine Corps.

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