Marine Corps Sports Programs are designed to enhance the fitness and resilience of Marines and their families while supporting alternative physical training (PT) options, military to military engagement, and the development of unit cohesion. Sports Programs are directly related to combat readiness and serve as the main mechanism through which a variety of programs, services and activities are provided to Marines and their families.



  • All-Marine Sports enable exceptional Marine athletes to compete at higher level competitions to include Armed Forces Championships, National Championships, Conseil International du Sport Militaire (CISM) Championships, and the Olympics.  The All Marine program has produced multiple athletes that are nationally ranked and have gone on to perform in the Olympics.
  • CISM is the second largest multi-sport discipline organization after the International Olympic Committee. They represent the highest level of military athletic competitiveness and organize various sporting events for the Armed Forces of their 134 member countries.
  • Intramural Sports are unit driven programs available to all skill levels that support individuals and teams to enhance individual fitness, unit teamwork, cohesion and readiness, and improved quality of life. Includes the management and oversight of approximately 267 athletic facilities (athletic fields and outdoor courts) across all Marine Corps installations.
  • Varsity Sports include competition by individuals or teams that represent an installation or a higher level command.
  • Competitive Events/Race Series are athletic competitions currently held on 13 installations that are open to the military community and, at times, the general public, that include bicycle races, runs, and large-scale tournaments.
  • Youth Sports encompass a series of planned activities and events that respond to the recreational, developmental, social, physiological, cultural, and educational needs of eligible youth.  Programming available should include instruction, leagues and competitions to all skill levels that promotes positive attitudes while fostering the development of leadership, sportsmanship, teamwork skills, and reinforces the Marine Corps core values of honor, courage, and commitment. Program success is centered on volunteer coaches that sacrifice their time to coach youth dependents throughout the Marine Corps.

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Marines interested in one of the aforementioned sport services should contact their local Semper Fit and Recreation Branch.  They may be reached via phone, their MCCS website, or in person aboard an installation, normally at the main fitness center. 

Each installation has an Athletic Director on staff to assist and provide information regarding youth, intramural, varsity and All-Marine sports.

Intramural and varsity sports are currently free of charge aboard installations to Marines, while youth sport participants incur a registration fee. Registration fees for youth sports vary across all installations.

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Sports-Adult & Youth Program
Bldg. 2073
Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm
(703) 784-9756
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Frequently Asked Question

What sports are currently offered at the All-Marine level?
Basketball (M/W); Bowling (M/W); Boxing (M/W); Cross Country (M/W); Golf (M/W); Marine Corps Marathon and Running Program (M/W); Rugby (M); Skeet; Soccer (M/W); Softball (M/W); Triathlon (M/W - Olympic Distance); Volleyball (M/W); and Wrestling (M).


What is the process to apply for participation in a sport?
Click here to download the application. Fill out the form in its entirety, obtain a command endorsement on your participation, and return all documents to your base Athletic Director. If you do not have a base Athletic Director, mail or fax the completed application and summary to the Marine Sports Office at: Headquarters, United States Marine Corps Morale, Welfare, Recreation & Business Operations (MRS), 3044 Catlin Ave., Quantico, VA 22134-5103, Ph. (703) 432-0727 FAX. (703) 784-4125.


When are the completed application and resumes due?
Applications are due no later than 30 days before training camp begins. If there is not a training camp scheduled for the sport you are applying, the application is due 30 days prior to the Armed Forces Championship or subject event or at the published MARADMIN date. Solicitations for applications may be found on the MARADMIN board.


I submitted my application, so why wasn't I accepted?

Please ensure that you completed the application in full. Many times, contact information provided by the athletes is incomplete. Please ensure that correct commercial phone and fax numbers are provided and that you submit an accurate address or geographic location if you are deployed. Please ensure that all parts of the application, to include the affidavit, are completely filled out. Include race times and events within the last three months. Resumes that have old information may not get weighed as heavily as more current ones. Also, there are a limited number of positions available for each sport. Please keep in mind that you are competing with other athletes throughout the Marine Corps and competition may be extremely competitive.


Since all available funded spots for the sport I want to participate in are full, can I pay my own way to the competition?
No. The Marine Corps Sports Office works closely with the coaching staff to ensure the best qualified athletes are chosen. This program is fully funded and will not allow Marines to incur personal, out-of-pocket expenses.


Does my Commanding Officer have to approve my application?
Yes. You cannot be selected to participate in any All Marine Sports sponsored event without the approval of your commanding officer. This will ensure that your command group is aware of your participation and will avoid unauthorized absences.


I have heard of athletes obtaining funding from the All Marine Sports Office for sports that are not listed on the calendar. How is this possible?
The All Marine Sports Program does assist athletes in a number of non DoD Championship events. These individuals have demonstrated a high degree of athletic ability at the national/international level in sports that lead to national, world, Olympic, and Pan American games Championships. These athletes have already established themselves as world-class athletes and are capable of being competitive on an international level. The individuals are evaluated on a case by case basis.


Does the All Marine Sports Office have a world-class athlete program?
No. All Marine Sports does not have a program to develop world-class athletes. Athletes must prove that they are already competitive on a national or international level.


Do any sports require individuals to get a physical examination before competing in them?
Yes. In order to compete on the All Marine Boxing or Wrestling teams, you must get a physical examination and submit it with your application. The necessary forms can be obtained from the same sources as your application.


Am I required to have a passport for any events?
Yes. For all sports that lead to an overseas CISM Championship event, you must obtain a current passport. Official passports may be issued by local commands, but not all commands issue passports, especially if a NATO country hosts the event. Due to current heightened tourist alerts, personal tourist passports are highly recommended, and in the event official passports cannot be issued, tourist passports are mandatory for consideration of participation.


Will the All Marine Sports office reimburse the cost for tourist passports since my local travel office would not issue an Official passport?
No. Personal tourist passports will not be paid for by the All Marine Sports office. Tourist passports may be used for personal use for up to ten years, and therefore are not authorized to be funded by Marine Corps Community Services.


What is a CISM championship?
The Conseil International du Sport Militaire is the international committee of Armed forces sports. For all armed forces sports the top athletes/finishers will move on to the international competition which is held in a CISM participating country.


What is the process to get new, popular sports approved to be an armed forces sport?
The Armed Forces Working Group revises the sports listed on the Armed Forces Sports calendar regularly. Not all sports may be added. Keep in mind, all four Services will need to budget and participate in all of the endorsed sports. Occasionally, some sports are dropped due to budgetary constraints and lack of participation. If you know a sport that you think should be included on the All Marine or Armed Forces Sports calendar, you are encouraged to submit a position paper to Semper Fit and Recreation Branch at Headquarters, Marine Corps stating your reasons and justification why this particular sport should be funded and included by all the armed forces. Remember all Armed Forces Sports are approved based upon participation and budgetary availability.


How do you select a team?
All-Marine team selections occur after the resume deadline. All resumes are racked and stacked by the team coach. In cases where there is no coach or times cannot be compared, an expert in the sport is consulted to give recommendations.


Can I still submit a resume after the deadline?
Resumes may be submitted at any time. There are some cases where there are too little applications are submitted and resumes are accepted well after the deadline. In the event where there are enough applications submitted or the camp has already begun, applications will be reviewed and kept on file, but there is no guarantee that it will accepted.


How much time should I allot for All-Marine Sports?
Any sport will compete from 3 days to 1 week. Training camps may take up to 3 weeks. As a general rule, when submitting resumes, be aware that your command is willing to release you from the beginning of the All Marine Trial Camp to the highest level of competition. In some instances, this may take up to three months. Please consult the All Marine Calendar or the Base Athletic Director for further details.


Do all sports have training camps?
No. Only a few sports actually have a training camp that is used to aid the coach in selecting the team and to form team unity.


When can I expect notification of acceptance or non-acceptance of my application?
If you are accepted you will be notified by email or your installation athletics office 30 days before the sport begins. During periods of high Marine Corps operations tempo, notification of acceptance may occur within a week of the trial camp due to a low number of applications that may have been submitted. If you are not sure that you were accepted, please contact the Marine Corps Sports Office as soon as possible. Your local base is responsible for issuing orders. If you are not accepted you will be notified by email as soon as possible.

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