Marine Corps Aquatics program provide a full spectrum of recreational and instructional activities in a safe, healthy, fun environment which aids in the development of life skills and builds resiliency in our service members.  Drowning prevention is a key theme for Aquatics with a focus on prevention awareness.



  • Aquatics provide required military training related to water operations and survival.
  • Aquatics provide active duty aquatics training, use of the facilities for unit physical training (PT), lap swimming, aqua fitness classes/activities, military swim qualification or remedial training and instruction, and other unit activities.
  • There are six stand-alone Marine Corps Community Services training pools Marine Corps-wide.
  • Aquatics Centers (Swimming Pools) support Aquatic Training and Recreational Swimming (if designated a dual use pool).
  • Aquatics include Marine Corps Guarded Open Waters and water play areas. The Guarded Open Water Areas on installations refer to the open water and beach areas where lifeguards are on duty.   Guarded Open Water programs provide directed recreational activities (instructional and competitive events) and access to participate in water sports and self-directed activities (sunbathing, swimming, surfing, etc).
  • Customer-driven recreational aquatics programs include recreational swim, free swim, family swim, and playtime.
  • Aquatics special events, co-sponsored events and instruction include lifeguarding, swim classes, skill development, and water safety.

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For more information on the Aquatics program, contact your installation Aquatics Director or speak with a MCCS lifeguard aboard your installation.

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