Community Counseling

Using an integrated community health approach, the Community Counseling Program (CCP) equips Marines and families with the skills to address life’s challenges before there is significant impact to performance in their duties and relationships.  The CCP assists Marines and families in accomplishing their personal goals through short-term solution focused counseling, skill enhancement, education and referrals to other helping resources.



  • Training, education and other psychological health preventative services intended to reduce severity and support positive outcomes.
  • Confidential care worldwide ensuring access to behavioral health services and assisting Marines and families in navigating the many support resources available.
  • Coordination of care that meets individualized Marine and family needs.
  • Collaboration with an individual’s family and Command encouraging the development and maintenance of social supports, while reducing stigma by emphasizing that help-seeking is a strength-based action.
  • Non-medical short term counseling interventions for Marines who have experienced Military Sexual Trauma.
  • Program/service navigation between psychological health services of Marine Corps and Navy Medicine.
  • Evidence-based client screening tools and assessments.
  • Evidence-based short term, non-medical counseling interventions that teach clients skills to solve everyday stressors.
  • Care coordination and continued 90 day follow-up through the Marine Intercept Program for all Marines identified with suicidal ideation or attempt.

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Marines, Sailors, and their families may access help directly through Community Counseling Program.  There is no wrong door for getting help.  Counselors conduct screenings, actively assess needs, provide counseling, and connect Marines and families with additional resources through referrals and direct handoffs between programs and facilities.

Community Counseling Programs are located on installations worldwide to increase access to care and assist Marines and their families in navigating the many support resources available.

Quantico(Change Location)

Community Counseling Center
Little Hall, 2034 Barnett Avenue
Mon - Fri: 8am - 4:30pm
703-784-3523 or 703-432-6442
MCCS Quantico website


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