Military & Family Life Counselors

Military & Family Life Counselors (MFLCs) are experienced behavioral health professionals who work with Marines and their families to address deployment, return and reunion issues as well as other stressors that impact a Marine’s daily life. MFLCs, embedded within the units, can inform the command of trends in the behavioral health of the unit. MFLCs do not provide medical care; if a Marine requires medical support from a psychologist or psychiatrist, the MFLC will assist in connecting the Marine to the appropriate resource.

Non-medical counseling is available through Military OneSource and the Military and Family Life Counselor (MFLC) Program. When you are ready to focus on your emotional health, reach out for support by contacting your installation Behavioral Health Program, who can help you make the connection.

You may also call the Military OneSource helpline at 1-800-342-9647 (CONUS). OCUNUS phone numbers are available. The MilitaryOne Source Live Chat is another avenue you can take to connect with an MFLC.




  • Any Marine or Marine family member may consult with an MFLC, to include parents, significant others, or close relatives of the Marine.
  • Provides support to the command by addressing the needs of the individual Marines and keeping the command informed of overall trends in the behavioral health of a unit.
  • Aims to help Marines and their families address stressors and offer referrals to create an environment that encourages the proper management of stress.
  • Assists people to explore alternate solutions to current daily life stressors.
  • Provides confidential care in a unit or installation setting.
  • Ensures all Marines, attached Sailors, and their families have access to confidential solution-focused counseling.
  • Focuses on efforts to enhance protective factors of individual Marines and their families.

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Assigned to installations, embedded in units, schools, and Child Development and Youth Centers, MFLCs augment and work in collaboration with other Marine Corps Behavioral Health programs.  MFLCs act as touchpoints for Marines and families who may need assistance.

MFLCs also assist the commander’s behavioral health efforts by assessing each situation and making the proper decision to refer a Marine, Sailor, or family member to Marine Corps resources (e.g. Community Counseling Program).

If you need MFLC assistance, please contact your installation Behavioral Health Program who can help you make the connection.


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