Eight Ways to Spring Clean Your Career in 2018

Dust off those cobwebs and do some spring cleaning for your career!

Change Your TSP Contributions in Four Easy Steps

Wondering How to Change your Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Contributions?

Beef Up Your Resume with the Marine Corps SkillBridge Program

As Marines approach the transition to civilian life, they have a lot to consider. Not only do they have to determine what to do in their civilian careers, but also how to get on the path to that career. One of the programs that can help do that is the DoD SkillBridge program.

How to Build Confidence While Job Searching

It can be easy to lose confidence while you’re searching for a job, especially if your search has lasted a while. Consider applying these tips to build confidence during your job search.

How the Marine for Life Network and our Representatives Can Work with Transitioning Marines!

Recently the Marine for Life Network and local Marine for Life (M4L) representative helped a retired Marine Colonel Russ Mantzel land a position with Booz Allen as a Strategy Consultant in Texas. Col Russ Mantzel retired in June 2018 and relocated to San Antonio, TX.

It's Time to Decide

ACTION NEEDED: Remember, every Blended Retirement System (BRS) opt-in eligible Marine must register an election decision for BRS by December 31, 2018, and you cannot make an election until you have completed BRS Opt-in training.

So...What is a Mentor, Exactly?

Mentor. Coach.  Guide. Counselor. Teacher. Instructor. Adviser. The word “mentor” has a lot of meanings, whether you’re looking it up in the dictionary or asking what it might mean to you personally. So how do you settle on one term? Let’s look at the different types of mentoring and how they could apply to you as a Marine or a Marine spouse.

Finding a Mentor as a Marine Spouse

You know a mentor is key to advancing in your career, but as a Marine spouse where do you find a mentor to provide career guidance, advice and support? Here are 6 places to start your search.  

Five Tips to Becoming a Networking Guru

Successful networking is easier said than done

College is Expensive! Tips for Marines to Finance Their Education

As a Marine, you may not need to rely on a student loan to pay for your education. With access to Tuition Assistance, scholarships, grants, and your GI Bill education benefit you have many options.

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