How to Avoid the Holiday Blues When You're Far From Home

Spending time away from your home or family during the holidays can be hard, whether you or your loved one is deployed or you’re stationed far away from your family. Check out these tips to remaining festive during the holidays.

How to Talk to Your Teen About Suicide

Talking about suicide can be scary for all involved, but making hard conversations a regular part of parent/teen communication makes it easier to tackle the tough topics like suicide.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

How can you protect and encourage children during the covid-19 pandemic?

Keep Your Marriage as Strong as Your Marine

Marriage takes work, commitment, and communication. CREDO is designed to help couples grow and bond in an environment that is free from the everyday distractions of life.

Keeping Your Baby Safe During Sleep

Bringing home a newborn baby can be both a thrilling and terrifying experience. Now that they hold a tiny life in their hands, new parents are very concerned with how to keep their child safe.  Read these tips on how to create a safe sleeping environment for your infant.

A Parent's Guide to Social Media Safety

The first step in protecting your children from the dangers of social media is to educate yourself.

Top Tips for Giving Newborns a Safe Night Sleep

Keeping children safe starting in their earliest moments in life should be everyone’s priority.  Newborns especially need parents and other adults to proactively ensure their safety, even while they are asleep.

10 Ways YOU Can Build a Healthy Relationship

You've heard the experts say that maintaining a healthy relationship takes work. That's true. But with a little extra effort, you can set the stage for a healthy, functional, intimate relationship with your partner.

There's an App for That! Tips You and Your Kids Need for App Safety

There are a lot of different ways that children and teens communicate electronically. Check out some of these apps and features you might want to keep on your radar, as well as tips to talk to your kids about their social media usage.

Bottle or Breast: Which is Best for You?

Many parents have heard the saying, “Breast is best,” but that may not hold true for every mom.

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