Figuring out Schooling during a PCS

If your family is PCSing this summer, things may feel a little different with schools and businesses temporarily closed due to the pandemic. However, these tips can still help you achieve a smooth transition.

PCS Travel Options for Families with Special Needs

Navigating travel with a family member who has special needs calls for detailed planning and consideration. Read more on these air, automobile, and train travel tips for your next PCS.

2020 Summer Reading Program

The 2020 Summer Reading Program's theme is DIG DEEPER: READ, INVESTIGATE, DISCOVER. The program will be offered virtually at 26 installation libraries across the Marine Corps, with the opportunity to earn incentives for reaching increasing levels of reading minutes!

PCS Transition Support for EFMP Families

Your installation Exceptional Family Member Program provides support for families with EFMP dependents during the stress of PCSing! Here are several ways your EFMP program can support you on your next PCS.

We All Need Networks

Building and maintaining strong support networks is vital, especially for military families in constant flux. Here are a few ideas on how to stay connected!

The Marine Corps Order on Parenthood and Pregnancy Just Got a Revamp

Have you read the updated Marine Corps Parenthood and Pregnancy policy? MCO 5000.12F is out now with important changes!  

Communicating with your Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has imposed a new way of life for people of all ages. With school years cut short and social interactions limited, you can help your kids navigate these times with these communication tips.

Happy Mother's Day in Quarantine!

This year, Mother’s Day is going to look different than any other. Although restrictions are still in place, here are eight great ways to make Mother’s Day memories while in quarantine.

Understanding Portfolio Declines During the Pandemic

Are you worried about the current economic status and how it will affect your financial portfolio? Here are 4 things to consider while managing your portfolio during a volatile market.

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

May 8 is Military Spouse Appreciation Day nestled into Military Appreciation Month! The life of a military family is one of unique challenges and sacrifice coupled with opportunity and experience that most people cannot imagine. Take today to appreciate your loved ones for their support. 

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