Youth Sponsorship Connects Transitioning Military Children to New Communities

Today’s youth face many challenges, and being a military kid adds even more to the list. Having a strong network that includes peers can help individuals of all ages face and overcome potential challenges.

Sponsorship is Peer-to-Peer Support During PCS Season

While you may not have heard of a sponsor if you’re traveling CONUS during a PCS, a sponsor is beneficial to you no matter what installation you’re moving to. So, what will a Sponsor do for you?

School Readiness Skills From Childcare to Kindergarten

Ensuring children are ready to succeed in school is something every parent strives for and is one of the most important topic areas addressed by teachers.

Ways to Combat Loneliness after a PCS Move

Making a permanent change of station (PCS) move often requires Marines and families to forge new social connections. Try some of these strategies.

Wondering What You Can Do This Summer? Volunteer!

Volunteering has adapted to fit the COVID-19 social distancing guidance and you can now volunteer in-person or virtually. Each installation has information on a variety of programs that are looking for volunteers for the summer months.

How Can L.I.N.K.S. Help You with Your PCS?

Whenever you get to a new duty station, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the local resources, changes to the Marine Corps, and get the lay of the land.  But where do you go to accomplish all of this?

It's Time for School!

For many children, the “before school” routine is a distant memory, but as many schools begin to reopen, parents and kids will need to adjust to the new learning environment.

DoD Launches Pilot Program to Improve Family Member Travel Screening

Going overseas? The Office of Special Needs has launched a pilot program in an effort to enhance the medical travel screening process for your family.

The Interstate Compact: Know Your Child's Education Rights

Are you PCSing and worried about graduation requirements, course availability, or sports tryouts for your military-connected kids? Then you need to know about the Interstate Compact!

Beating the Boot Camp Blues

Marine Spouse 101:  A new spouse series that highlights the challenges and adventures of a soon-to-be Marine spouse.  Follow her story as she begins her Marine Corps journey.

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