Healthy Holiday Food Swaps

Want the holiday foods without the holiday weight gain? These fabulous food swaps will make your holiday meal a little bit healthier. 

Mindful Nutrition for the Holidays

Mindfulness encompasses the ability to give attention to what is happening while it is happening. The holidays are a time for us to take a break from our day-to-day and focus on friends and family. The Health Promotion team suggests three easy tips to practice mindful nutrition over the holidays.

Tips for Practicing Self-Care

Need a little self-care? Try these self-care tips.

Couch to 1.2 Mile Swim in Only 8 Weeks!

If you’re looking to get in great shape with a workout that burns more calories than running, swimming might be right for you. Here’s how to go from couch to a 1.2 mile swim in just eight weeks.

Marine Corps Sports Talks to 1stLt Riley Compton - USA Bobsled Olympic Hopeful

The Marine Corps Sports Program interviews First Lieutenant (1stLt) Riley Compton, who has recently been training and competing with the USA Bobsled Team. She has her sights set on the 2026 Winter Olympic Games in Milano Cortina, Italy.

Promoting and Strengthening Family Wellness

A strong family unit can be strong in many ways, but ensuring all family members are healthy can be the beginning of a strong family that will last for years. Here are three tips for keeping your family strong together.

All-Marine Athlete Profile: 1stLt Stephanie Murphy, Armed Forces Triathlon Champion

On September 11, 2021, First Lieutenant (1stLt) Stephanie Murphy proved herself to be the fastest female triathlete in the Armed Services when she claimed the gold medal at the Armed Forces Triathlon Championship, held on Naval Base Ventura County, CA.

2021 Armed Forces Triathlon Recap

The All-Marine Men’s and Women’s Triathlon Teams competed in the Armed Forces Triathlon Championship on September 11th aboard Naval Base Ventura County, CA. Although the Marines raced hard in the Olympic-distance triathlon, they ultimately lost both the team competitions, falling to both Navy and Air Force.

Performance and Recovery

Recovery is the most critical component of an exercise program because the changes that make us faster and stronger happen during recovery. There are various ways to include recovery in an exercise program including active recovery, total recovery, or implementing periodization into training plans.

Semper Fit Promotes Social Connectedness

Within the Marine Corps, Semper Fit and Recreation offers a portfolio of programs that gives Marines the opportunity to forge deeper connections with their fellow Marines, family members, and the local community. Take advantage of the programs and resources available and begin connecting with your fellow Marines and neighbors.

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