Tips to Staying Fit During the Holidays

Check out these eight tips for staying fit this holiday season.

What is injury prevention?

Injury prevention is defined as activities to prevent, ameliorate, treat, and/or reduce injury-related disability and death. Injuries can be defined as unintentional and violent. Utilizing the Health Wellness and Performance framework can decrease both intentional and violent injuries.

Mindful Nutrition for the Holidays

Mindfulness encompasses the ability to give attention to what is happening while it is happening. The holidays are a time for us to take a break from our day-to-day and focus on friends and family. The Health Promotion team suggests three easy tips to practice mindful nutrition over the holidays.


All Marine Athlete of the Year Nominations Call 2022

Marine Corps seeks nominations for the 2022 Male and Female Athletes of the Year Award.

Tattoos: Your Canvas, Your Training.

For some, getting a tattoo is considered a right of passage built within the military culture, but did you know that getting inked could affect your body’s hydration status?

Recovery: Deloading

Health, Wellness, and Performance

This framework focuses on the four domains of fitness: Social, Physical, Mental, and Spiritual.

Is Drinking Draining Your Wallet?

Drinking alcohol regularly can be costly. Did you know that Americans making low-risk choices spend an average of $583 a year or less on alcohol? How does your spending compare to the average?

Meal Prep Kits: Could they be right for you?

Sergeant Major Troy E. Black - Facing Life's Challenges

Sergeant Major Troy E. Black - Facing LIfe's Challenges

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