2021 Armed Forces Triathlon Recap

The All-Marine Men’s and Women’s Triathlon Teams competed in the Armed Forces Triathlon Championship on September 11th aboard Naval Base Ventura County, CA. Although the Marines raced hard in the Olympic-distance triathlon, they ultimately lost both the team competitions, falling to both Navy and Air Force.

Performance and Recovery

Recovery is the most critical component of an exercise program because the changes that make us faster and stronger happen during recovery. There are various ways to include recovery in an exercise program including active recovery, total recovery, or implementing periodization into training plans.

Semper Fit Promotes Social Connectedness

Within the Marine Corps, Semper Fit and Recreation offers a portfolio of programs that gives Marines the opportunity to forge deeper connections with their fellow Marines, family members, and the local community. Take advantage of the programs and resources available and begin connecting with your fellow Marines and neighbors.

Fitness Builds Community Connections

Studies show that when we exercise with others, we are more likely to stick to a program and reap the benefits associated with physical training. Semper Fit fitness programs provide group training options for Marines and their families.

Community Connections Help to Combat Childhood Obesity

Military families face unique challenges from relocation to inconsistent medical care due to PCS, and lack of community which can all impact your child’s weight. Marine Corps Community Services offers programs at military installations to help parents combat the emotional, social, and physical impacts of military life from fitness and sports to recreational programs and camps.

All-Marine Sports Remembers Ted Williams, Marine Aviator and Professional Baseball Legend

This August, Semper Fit and the All-Marine Sports Program recognize Ted Williams, Marine aviator and professional baseball legend.

Finding Respect for Ourselves Through Fitness

Respect can be described as a perceived value that we attach to ourselves and others. To respect others, we must first respect ourselves. Exercise helps us build confidence that increases our sense of self-worth and confidence. 

A Coach's Reflections on the Partnership Between Respect and Performance

Respect can mean different things to different people in any situation. Coach Nick Gounaris, the Combat Fitness Training Specialist for Headquarters Semper Fit and Recreation, talks about his perspective on respect as a strength and conditioning coach.

Respecting Your Body

Today’s culture revolves around body image and size when it should be focusing on accepting and respecting our bodies. Learn ways to respect your body with these simple tips. 

The Women Marines of Major League Baseball

During the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League’s (AAGPBL) twelve year run, more than 600 women athletes participated, many of whom also served in the Marine Corps.

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