Military Post Offices Adopt New USPS Customs Form Process for International Mail

USPS is changing its custom form process for international mail. Beginning March 13, 2020, customers must fill out electronic customs forms for international packages. Read more!

7 FREE Digital Library Resources for Military Kids

Check out these free digital library resources you and your children can use to keep learning and stay entertained right at home. 

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Operation Supplement Safety

Beware of opportunists taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to scam people. Some dietary supplement manufacturers have received warning letters from the FDA. Stay informed!

Happy 25th Anniversary to the Single Marine Program!

“Building leaders is our legacy!” This year, the Single Marine Program turns 25. Check out what’s in store throughout the year to commemorate this milestone!

Are you Moving with Pets This Summer?

When you’re preparing for a PCS move, having a pet can add another layer of complexity, particularly if you’re moving overseas. Be prepared well in advance of the move! 

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Marine Corps 17.75K Canceled

Due to the spread and effects of the coronavirus, the Marine Corps 17.75 Run is canceled. Read more about what registrants can expect here.

Saving Money: How to Start Small

Setting aside money for savings can be daunting, especially if money is already tight. However, there are ways that you can put money away for a rainy day, even in the smallest increments (and we’re not just talking about the clichéd tip to stop visiting Starbucks). Check out some ideas on how to make extra money to put away.

The New Tobacco 21 Law

As of December 2019, the legal age to purchase tobacco products has been raised from 18 to 21. Read more about the new law here!

Black History Month 2020

February is Black History Month! How will you celebrate and facilitate cultural and historical education this month?

Financial Readiness is Mission Critical

Have you been selected to complete the 2019 Status of Forces Survey? Learn more about its importance and last year's highlights here. 

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