Alcohol Awareness Month

Alcoholism is a chronic, progressive disease that may be fatal if untreated; however, people can and do recover.  It is estimated that as many as 20 million individuals are currently living lives in recovery!

How Leaders Can Take Care of Your Marines through the Marine Intercept Program

Seeking  help for depression or PTSD is actually a sign of strength. Here is one avenue to reach out to.

Early Childhood Risk and Protective Factors for Later Drug Use

Research in a recent article by the National Institute on Drug Abuse revealed while substance use generally begins during the adolescent years, there are known biological, psychological, social, and environmental factors that contribute to the risk that begin accumulating as early as the (prenatal through age 8) period.

There's an App for That! Tips You and Your Kids Need for App Safety

There are a lot of different ways that children and teens communicate electronically. Check out some of these apps and features you might want to keep on your radar, as well as tips to talk to your kids about their social media usage.

Deep Breaths: Learn How to Air Out Your Stress

Feeling stressed or like your life is out of control? Tackle it by doing something you do have power over: breathing.

Are you Living on Autopilot? Three Easy Steps to Experiencing More Good in Your Daily Life

Learn how to relieve stress and improve resiliency by practicing mindfulness.

Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen for Marine Corps Families

When most people hear “spring cleaning,” they picture their overstuffed closets and messy garages, but what about the kitchen? Spring cleaning usually means getting rid of the junk that we don’t need; there is a lot of junk (junk food) in our kitchen that our bodies don’t need either. 

Healthy Living Responses: Outdoor Adventuring and Creative Physical Training Opportunities

You asked about outdoor adventuring and physical training, so our expert, Marybeth Lemaire from MCB Lejeune responded to your questions. 

2020 Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Victim Advocate of the Year

Congratulations to the 2020 winner of the Exceptional Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Victim Advocate (VA) of the Year Award.

Converting Coverage Under the FSGLI Program

Spousal coverage under the Family Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (FSGLI) program doesn’t have to be permanent. Following certain life events, spouses have the option of conversion, which is a process that allows individuals to transfer their existing group coverage to an individual life policy without the need to provide evidence of good health.

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