Back in the Swim of Things

If your break from swimming was long, take it slow and rebuild. Remember, that mile may take longer than when you left off.  When you are ready to start breaking your records, your local pool professionals are ready to help.

L.I.N.K.S.- Lifestyle, Insight, Networks, Knowledge, and Skills

L.I.N.K.S.  is an interactive acculturation program to Marine Corps life. Learn about Marine Corps history and ranks, local installation resources, services, benefits, military pay, separations and deployments, communication styles, investing in the community, and Marine Corps traditions and etiquette.

Game-Changing Benefits of Sauna Use

Sauna usage replicates the cardiovascular response to exercise, increasing heart rate, blood pressure, and cardiovascular function.

Introducing the Zero to 100 Podcast Series

The Zero to One Hundred podcast aims to be down-to-earth, tangible, and contain great lessons learned for the listeners rather than a canned and scripted official media product.

Build Your Kid's Mental Strength

Some people are able to quickly bounce back from personal setbacks or failures, while others struggle and find it much more difficult? Just like physical strength can be increased through lifting weights and physical training, you can increase your mental strength by practicing specific mental techniques. 

The Lowdown on Marijuana, CBD, & Delta-8

Marijuana is the most commonly detected illicit drug found in Marine Corps urinalyses. Under federal law, marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug that has greater than 0.3 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Marijuana, cannabidiol (CBD), and Delta-8 are all found in the cannabis plant.

The Power of Change

If you have a friend or family member who needs your support in changing a habit or behavior, try one of the following strategies for discussing the situation.

Learning to Adjust to Change

Marine Corps Community Services offers free skill9building resources to Marines and their families in a variety of areas. For information on additional offerings available, contact your installation's Information, Relocation & Referral (IR&R) line. 

DoD launches Courage Fuels Change Campaign

The DoD Sexual Assault Prevention Response Office (SAPRO) is launching an outreach campaign with a series of videos and print materials focused on the experience of men.

Alcohol and The Body

April is Alcohol Awareness month. It’s the perfect time to learn the facts and think about your choices.

When you drink alcohol, it passes quickly into your bloodstream and travels to every part of your body.

The effect on your body depends on your age, sex, weight, tolerance, and the type of alcohol.

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