CONNECT During the Holidays

There are many reasons people can be experiencing grief and loss during the holidays. Here are a few helpful tips on how to CONNECT.

Mythbusters: Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking is no easy thing. Fears and misconceptions about quitting smoking can make things even more difficult. Luckily, many of these fears are untrue — or at the least, exaggerated.

We All Need Networks

Building and maintaining strong support networks is vital, especially for military families in constant flux. Here are a few ideas on how to stay connected!

Helping Your Smoker Quit: Dos and Don'ts

Quitting smoking isn’t easy. Being close to someone who is trying to quit can also be difficult – what do you say, what can you to help, and moreover, what shouldn’t you do?

Promoting and Strengthening Family Wellness

A strong family unit can be strong in many ways, but ensuring all family members are healthy can be the beginning of a strong family that will last for years. Here are three tips for keeping your family strong together.

Marijuana Use in the Marine Corps

Did you know that marijuana is the most commonly detected illicit drug found in Marine Corps urinalyses? The Substance Abuse Counseling Center has put together answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about marijuana use.

Navigating the Holidays When a Family Member Struggles With Substance Misuse

For many, Thanksgiving brings varying levels of stress, family tension, and holiday anxiety. This is especially true for families where one or more family members struggle with addiction or alcohol misuse. Manage these emotions and situations during the holidays with these helpful tips.

Tough Conversations: How to Talk About Suicide

Suicide is a complex issue. Knowing where to start the conversation can be hard and can seem like a daunting task. However, having tough conversations can save someone’s life.

How to Stay on Track When You've Quit or Cut Down Drinking

Are you trying to cut down or quit drinking? Check out these three tips to keep you on track.

Connect to Protect: Support is Within Reach

This year’s National Suicide Prevention Month theme, Connect to Protect: Support is Within Reach, highlights the importance of connecting fellow Marines, leaders, family, friends, and the community to available resources on suicide prevention.

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